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International Volunteer Day

on December 5, 2020

Digital, flexible, thankful - commitment despite Corona

Voluntary work is an expression and basis of lived democracy. The desire to volunteer remains unbroken, and the need for it still exists, but in times when distance regulations, hygiene plans and other requirements confuse social interaction, new concepts are needed.

On the International Volunteer Day on December 5, 2020, a symposium on the subject of "Digital, flexible, thankful - commitment despite Corona" was planned in Dresden. The symposium should deal in particular with the question of what can be learned from the crisis and what strategies and options for action will arise in the future for the actors, for the coordinating bodies, but also for the administration.

Unfortunately, due to current developments, the symposium cannot be implemented as planned. Since the partners and Co-partners did not want to forego strengthening those involved on site, finding answers to the questions asked and thus promoting engagement in the best sense of the word, everyone involved has thought of a contribution that you can find here.

We would be happy if you can use one or the other for your work and if you share the links and information widely and tell others. We offer you these contributions so that you can get to know the partners and their projects and initiatives. With that in mind, stay engaged, healthy, and resourceful.


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