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Bautzner Straße Memorial

The remand centre of the Dresden district administration of the German Democratic Republic’s Ministry of State Security (Stasi) in Bautzner Strasse is now a memorial. It is the only remand centre in the Free State of Saxony to have been preserved largely in its original state. The authentic site in the former Stasi complex overlooking the Elbe conveys an impression of the repressive treatment to which opponents to the regime were subjected by the SED dictatorship as well as its Soviet forerunners in the Soviet-occupied zone and the GDR. Independent and guided tours provide insights into the special characteristics of the building, the regimen that prevailed there for the prisoners, and the inhumane interrogation methods. The former Stasi banquet hall and the office of the last head of the Dresden Stasi headquarters, preserved with its original furnishings, are also on view.

Opening hours

Daily 10 am to 6 pm Closed Easter Sunday, 24–26 Dec, 31 Dec and 1 Jan


Full-payer: 6.00 EURReduced admission: 4.00 EUR Visitors to the age of 18 free of charge Combined ticket with Museum "Welt der DDR" 12.00/8.00 EUR Reduced admission for:Students, trainees, participants in the Federal Volunteer Service (FSJ, FÖJ), holders of the "Dresden-Pass", asylum seekers, recipients of ALG II and the persons listed in the notification of approval for the stated validity, recipients of social assistance (proof not older than 12 months), people with disabilities (from 50% reduction in earning capacity)

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Bild von Bautzner Straße Memorial
© Bautzner Straße Memorial

Bild von Bautzner Straße Memorial
© Bautzner Straße Memorial