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Shopping in the Neustadt (New Town)

Shopping on the other side of the Elbe

The Innere Neustadt (known as the "Baroque Quarter") and hip Äußere Neustadt districts are two of Dresden’s best-kept shopping secrets.

The former’s blend of exquisite Baroque architecture and high-end retail outlets is unique within Germany, while the latter’s somewhat more lived-in Wilhelminian buildings are home to a wealth of bold, independent shops, bars and cafés.

Shoppen in der Neustadt

The Baroque Quarter greets visitors with boutiques, galleries, museums and the world-famous view of central Dresden as painted by Canaletto from the banks of the Elbe. The Rähnitzgasse, Königstraße, Prisco Passage, historic Market Hall and sycamore-lined Hauptstraße sum up everything that is great about Dresden.

A stroll through this district full of centuries-old Baroque flair is like stringing a pearl necklace of owner-run boutiques and restaurants. It earns its reputation as one of the most attractive and diverse areas of the city with galleries and art dealerships exhibiting fine art from a variety of periods and styles, restaurants serving a fine selection of culinary delicacies and over 75 boutiques for a perfectly tailored shopping experience. All of this and more creates a unique, stylish blend of art, shopping, culture and gastronomy.

Generally abbreviated to simply "Neustadt", the hip Äußere Neustadt enjoys a vibrant reputation that extends far beyond the city limits. Its narrow streets and courtyards buzz with over 150 bars, cafés, restaurants, music venues and fashion-savvy shops. Many of Dresden’s artists, musicians and students have settled in the Neustadt and are the driving force behind probably the city’s most famous district festival – "Bunte Republik Neustadt". Full of art and culture, the festival traditionally takes places on the third weekend in June and delights many tens of thousands of visitors each year.

One of the jewels in the Neustadt’s shopping crown is the Kunsthofpassage (literally "Art Courtyard Passage"). This romantic labyrinth of alleys and small courtyards enclosed by imaginatively decorated residential buildings awaits visitors with a colourful variety of shops and restaurants. Another popular attraction is the "world’s most beautiful dairy shop" at Bautzner Straße 79. Built as a retail outlet for the Pfunds Molkerei dairy in 1891, the shop is fully tiled with hand-painted majolica tiles produced at Villeroy & Boch’s Dresden workshop. The shop today sells a huge range of dairy products alongside regional specialities such as wine from Meißen.

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