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Josef Hegenbarth Archive

The widow Johanna Hegenbarth donated the house, complete with the estate contained within it, on the condition that it would be made accessible to the public as a place of commemoration. In keeping with her wishes, it initially underwent cautious renovation; then, in 1998, it became a branch of the Dresden Collection of Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Whereas the second floor, where the artist’s living quarters have been preserved, now serves as a scholarly archive, four exhibition rooms were set up on the first floor. There changing exhibitions on Josef Hegenbarth, but also on other graphic artists, draughtsmen and illustrators of his generation – and up to the present – are presented in the small but exquisite setting. The archive’s diverse programme is rounded out by workshops, readings and concerts accompanying the exhibitions. People who appreciate atmospheric settings are thus offered an experience of art and culture that make it worth their while to stray from the beaten tourist paths..

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