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Photo of Dresden at night (© Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen)

Discover Dresden

Fascinating city

Dresden carries visitors away with a synthesis of the arts: fascinating buildings and art treasures, impressive museums, as well as orchestras and choirs of worldwide reputation. Dresden offers attractions in great variety and combines three aspects which complement one another: notable art treasure, architectural sights and a charming landscape.


Successful blend

Its continued and dynamic economic growth as well as its unique concentration of scientific institutions all make Dresden one of the top 10 business locations in Germany.



The Electors and Kings of Saxony were enthusiastic collectors of art and acquired art treasures of immeasurable value over the course of the centuries.

Living and Working


A good education is the foundation for a successful start into any professional career. At the same time, qualified employees are the basis of each and every enterprise. In Dresden, both sides get their money's worth since education is first-class in all stages.

Dresden Highlights



Aparthotel am Zwinger

Aparthotel am Zwinger

Enjoy your stay in the heart of the Historical Old City, near by the Semper Opera, Dresden Frauenkirche and "Green Vault" ...


Welcome to Dresden

Are you planning a longer stay in Dresden? Find all the information you need to make your life easier in the capital of Saxony:

Twin cities all over the world

From Coventry to Columbus - Dresden maintains close links to 13 twin cities around the world.


Buses, trams and more

You can discover the city of Dresden using public transport or different other means of travel.



Maritim Hotel Dresden

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