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Opening PDF-files

Forms and handouts on this website are preferably offered in Adobe®-PDF-Format. This universal file format allows the transformation of fonts, pictures, graphs and layout true to original. PDF files can be opened and printed by every user regardless of his platform or settings.

If the Reader is installed on your computer, you can either open and print PDF files directly or save them.

To open a PDF file, simply click the link you find in the text. The file is then downloaded and displayed automatically – depending on file size and connection speed this process may take several seconds or minutes.
To save a PDF file on your computer, click the link with the right mouse button. Choose the option »Save target as...« and the directory you want to the file to be saved in. Afterwards, you can open the file from this directory.

To handle PDF files, you require the Adobe® Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded for free: