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Bürgerwiese - Lennépark

… - Lennépark The Bürgerwiese park, as its name reflects, has been…centre and the Grosser Garten park, starting not far from what …decided to turn it into a public park and garden, and in 1838 commissioned…Various statues round off the park design at prominent points. …

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…meeting places, the miniature Park Railway, countless sports groups…

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Шопинг в районах города

…Дрезденский Парк Эльбы © Thomas Klewe Дрезденский Парк Эльбы В промышленной…открылся новый торговый центр Парк Эльбы, являющий собой несколько… - International | last modified: 2017-05-16, 13:43

Private cars

…environment. Parking in the city centre A dynamic car park information…expansion of the road network, in parking facilities and in intelligent… the nearest available car parking facility. The constantly updated…updated information on parking availability is accessible via …

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…Cards and accommodation   E-parking ticket Hotline +49 351 501 … - International | last modified: 2022-09-02, 11:18


…Waldpark The peculiarity of this park in the city district of Blasewitz…transform the central part into a park, and to divide the peripheral…financed the planning of the park, for which the services of court…Gesellschaft«, together with the park itself, was written over to …

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Открытия на территории города

…в китайском стиле. Дворцовый парк с его более чем 2000 единицами…достопримечательности © Thomas Klewe Большой Парк с парковой железной дорогой … - International | last modified: 2021-03-12, 12:50

Smart Government in Dresden

…including on free parking spots (obtained via parking-bay sensors),… - Business & Science | last modified: 2021-12-01, 09:04


…architecture, with its ornamented park, roadside trees, open housing…preservation. The 2.5-hectare park was created in 1890 as the »… Like most other historical parks, the Fichtepark underwent several…phases. In numerous areas of the park, the original design was seriously…

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Grünzug Weißeritz

…developed as a continuous public park, the Weisseritz Grünzug, which…Stein” - 15 The former Reisewitz Park (*.pdf 256 KB) 15 Bienertparks…*.pdf 792 KB) - the Bienert Parks - 16 Grabstätte Familie Bienert…

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