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Art, culture and events in the festive year 2019

Augustus the Strong staged one of the biggest weddings ever seen, when his son married Maria Josepha, daughter of the Austrian Emperor, in 1719. The now legendary celebrations went on for a full 40 days. Guests from all over the world came to Dresden for the wedding of the century. The recently completed Zwinger palace served as the main VIP party venue. Augustus the Strong opened a new opera house there in honour of the occasion. The seven spectacular festivals dedicated to the known planets put everything in the shade. The whole city became a stage. All in the name of love.

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Back in time to the Dresden of 1719!

Oldtown Dresden

Take a virtual carriage ride with TimeRide VR and greet the wedding guests in Baroque Dresden.


Dresden´s night of the palaces

Elbe palaces

Take a pleasant stroll through the dreamlike landscape of the three adjacent hillside palaces, just like the nobility did in 1719.

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Highlights Dresden 2019

If you are looking for further events in Dresden, browse through the large calendar.

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