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Waste reduction

The best waste is waste that is not produced in the first place.

There are simple ways to reduce waste. At home, on the road, in your leisure time or on holiday, our tips are easy to implement.

  • Use reusable bags, baskets or rucksacks instead of plastic bags
  • Buy drinks in returnable bottles
  • Use reusable cups for coffee to go
  • Use a lunchbox for your lunchbreak
  • Use reusable mesh bags for fruit and vegetables
  • Celebrate without waste with reusable dishes
  • Cook for yourself instead of using a delivery service
  • Buy second-hand
  • Rent or borrow instead of buying
  • Avoid plastic drinking straws
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Smartly reduce food waste

These measures make your everyday life more sustainable, climate-friendly and are easy on natural resources and your wallet. Join in!

Reusable cups
Reusable baskets and bags
Reusable mesh bags