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Allotment garden associations

The idea of allotment gardens can look back over long historical traditions in Dresden. The first garden associations were formed around 1890.

Today, there are some 374 allotment garden associations in the city, with a total area of 783 hectares. Of this, 416 hectares are owned by the City of Dresden.

The remainder is shared between the Free State of Saxony, various housing cooperatives, the railways board, the forest authorities, the church and various private individuals and foundations.

The Green Spaces Office of the City of Dresden is the central point of contact in all maters connected with allotment gardens. It is furthermore the authority responsible for decisions regarding the charitable nature of the work done by the allotment garden associations.

On the basis of an allotment garden development concept, the interests of the gardeners are taken into account in urban planning. The objective pursued by the concept is to preserve the existing garden use. At the same time, it defines the longer-term development of the associations.

An umbrella association at city level represents the interests of the individual allotment gardens in Dresden, and acts as the leaseholder under a general lease agreement signed with the City of Dresden for all the municipally-owned allotment gardens. At present, this agreement covers 263 allotment garden associations with a total area of 416 hectares.


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