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Park Albrechtsberg Palace

The 11-hectare park is situated on Bautzner Strasse, along the Elbe slopes between the Saloppe waterworks and the Mordgrundbrücke bridge.

Albrechtsberg Palace was built for Prince Albrecht of Prussia in the late Classicist style between 1850 and 1854, realising plans drawn up by the Prussian state architect Adolf Lohse, a pupil of Schinkel. The surrounding park was laid out on the basis of a design by Eduard Neide, with the work being supervised by court gardener Hermann Sigismund Neumann. The landscaping of the Elbe slopes recalls the character of the Italian Renaissance and is especially impressive thanks to its numerous terrace levels. The main terrace is 127 m long and 12 m high. Viaducts, a winding lane, colonnades and water features were all integrated into the park.

The park, which has been restored in line with monument preservation demands in various stages since 1990, possesses a valuable stock of trees. Below the park, with its open panorama over Dresden and the Elbe valley, there is a small vineyard. The flower borders by the lower pond on the drive up to the palace have been reconstructed in accordance with descriptions left by court gardener Neumann. The south terrace has been repaired, and the round of lime-trees in the eastern section of the park has also been recreated in recent years. In 1998, a shrub show garden was set up in the former palace nursery. The new cistern is fed from the Stechgrundbach stream and the water system functions essentially in its original state once more, enabling water to be supplied to all four small ponds in the park.

The trees in the park are unfortunately not all in a really healthy condition. Consequently, regular new plantings have been taking place. The oaks, planes and beeches are impressive trees, but most of the limes and elms are suffering from the effects of age, mistletoe infestation and Dutch elm disease.

The park is also able to boast an extremely diverse meadow flora, as the grass is mown very late, and then only twice a year.

Albrechtsberg Palace