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International Weeks against Racism 2021

The following applies to all online events: a registration must be sent to the organizer, stating the subject. You will then receive a link to participate in the event.

Changes to the program (as of March 30, 2021)

Due to the pandemic situation, the following events will not take place:

Friday, March 26th, event "The moving closer together of all sections of the population after the experiences of the pandemic" by power4afrika e. V .

Sunday, March 28th and on Easter Saturday, April 3rd "Thought walk on the subject of racism with suggestions from the writings of the Baha'i religion".

The memorial tour "Recognizing right-wing extremism and showing face and solidarity" to the Jorge Gomondai memorial stone scheduled for Wednesday, March 31, will not take place

April 6th, 6 p.m. Public memorial rally for Jorge Gomondai on the square of the same name in the new town.

The following events will take place in a different form:

A video version of the memorial Tour "Recognizing right-wing extremism..." to the Jorge Gomondai memorial stone will be offered at youtube. Further information follows.

On April 6th, interested parties can get a QR code for the one-hour, individual "critical warning tour" in memory of Jorge Gomondai here:

Requirements: smartphone or tablet, headphones, mobile data and the free Actionbound app on the device.

Flower laying: on this day flowers can be laid individually on the memorial stone for Jorge-Gomondai.

The following event will be postponed:

The film show "Jorge - Death of a Contract Worker (1994)" scheduled for Friday, May 7th, will be postponed to October 5th, during the Intercultural Days.

Background informations