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Frequently Asked

How long has the city administration had an integration concept?

Since 2011. The second concept was created in 2009 and adopted by the city council for the first time. The current integration concept was decided on in 2015 by the city council.

Is the concept current?

Yes and no. The goals and tasks are more current than ever. The percentage of immigrants, especially refugees, has risen a lot since the creation of the integration concept. Because of this, the tasks have become larger than initially thought, especially in terms of the housing, social counseling and education.

Is the concept binding?

Yes. It was adopted by the city council on May 28, 2015, so it is binding for the city administration.

What is in the integration concept?

Rules, goals, and tasks relating to integration in every area of life, which is supposed to be implemented by the city administration.

To whom is the integration concept addressed?

The city administration and everyone who works there, but also the newly immigrated, since integration has to be a shared endeavor.

Who writes the concept?

The delegates from the Office for Integration and Foreign Citizens in cooperation with all of the offices of the city administration.

Who is monitoring the implementation?

The mayor, the officials in charge of Dresden’s various departments, the Integration and Foreign Citizen delegates and the city council.

Is there a summary in simple language?

There is a summary in simple language.

Can the concept be ordered or downloaded?

Orders can be sent to the email address In addition, there are copies available in the Office for Integration and Foreign Citizens. A download is also possible.