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Thursday, 26th September, 2019



Place of YOUTH - Studentenclub Bärenzwinger (Student Club) I Brühlscher Garten 1 I 01067I Dresden


18.00                     Arrival and buffet

19.00                     Official opening and welcome by the Mayor of the City of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert

Creative presentations by the Youth Council Dresden 2025 and PechaKucha presentations by participants on the question: So what about Heimat now? Facilitated by the young moderators team.

22.00                     End

The main conference language is English. The event is moderated by four young representatives of the association MITWIRKUNG MIT WIRKUNG, a project of the Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (German child and youth foundation).

Friday, 27th September, 2019



Place of CULTURE – Museum Japanisches Palais (Japanese Palace) I Staatliches Kunstsammlungen Dresden I Palaisplatz 11 I 01097 Dresden


10.00                     Arrival and warm-up, introducing the new place

10.30                     Open Thematic Labs

12.30                     Lunch break

14.00                     Open Thematic Labs

17.00                     Free time

18.00                     Presentation of results


The participants can work creatively in an Open Thematic Lab of their choice:







Open Thematic Labs are workshop spaces where participants will be able to contribute their knowledge, questions, ideas and perspectives on the respective topic. Each lab is led by an artist who will guide and accompany those exchanges and dialogues in an open artistic process. Experts will be joining each group in order to enrich the discussion from different points of views. Two groups will be working the whole day on each of the five topics in parallel labs - a group of young people and a group of adults.


19.00 – 00.00 CREATIVE CITIZENS PARTY @Club Standesamt Palaisplatz 2 I 01097 Dresden


Saturday, 28th September, 2019



Place of POLITICS – Neues Rathaus - City Hall Dresden I Dr.-Külz-Ring 19 I 01067 I Dresden


10.00                     Arrival and warm-up

10.30                     Workshops

12.30                     Lunch break

14.00                     Continuation of workshops

15.00                     Preparations for the elevator pitch

16.00                     Final plenary

18.00                     End of conference

19.00                     Evening event


How can we become change-makers in our communities, in Europe and in the world? Which tools help us to achieve that? How can young people and politicians collaborate in order to shape their community and Heimat? In each workshop, young people and adults come together to explore the best practices from Dresden and other European cities.


Parallel workshops:

#1How to advise on local policies?

Leader: Sefton Young Advisors, Liverpool:

Young Advisors are young people, who show community leaders how to engage young people in community life, local decision-making and improving services. Through their work, Young Advisors bring unique expertise and knowledge about being young to influence strategic planning, decision-making and marketing across business, health, local authorities, justice and charity sectors.

#2 How to influence laws?

Leaders: Stine Marie Jacobsen (DE/DK), Bilal Alkatout (DE) - Law Shifters:

Law Shifters engages young citizens in law and democracy by giving them the chance to act as both judges and lawmakers. What would your verdict be to real court cases, and how would you rewrite the laws in your country so that they would be more fair?

The Law Shifters project makes young people discuss their political opinions, ethical views and sense of justice as they re-judge real court cases and write new law proposals that reflect the reality that they are part of today.

#3 How to participate in a digital way?

Leader: Michaela Gloger, Kinder- und Jugendbüro Dresden

What does participation mean to you? That’s the first question we will answer together. Afterwards, we will discover different opportunities and possibilities to participate in creating your surroundings and your hometown. By the way, you will have the chance to test different tools of digital participation.

#4 How to communicate respectfully?

Leader: Kathrin Ibisch, Educators for Future

How does respectful communication link to the unfolding of potentials, true participation and future-oriented projects of commonality? My workshop aims at opening up a space of exchange in which we explore these aspects, gain new insights and discover novel possibilities of action.

#5 How to be part of the European space?

Novi Sad European Youth Capital and European Capital of Culture 2021:

Novi Sad, a small, but compact city in the heart of the Vojvodina region. This vivid city with over 80,000 young people will surprise you with it’s transformative energy, multi-nationality and cultural diversity. In this workshop we discuss what it means to be European Youth Capital, how it links in with the European Capital of Culture and how a city can become both.

#6 How to reach an agreement?

Leader: Sylke Gottlebe, Steffi Karn und Uta Quietzsch, Filmfest Dresden

With a selection of five short films from the festival repertoire, we show the versatility with which international filmmakers deal with the themes of home, identity and self-determination. In an exemplary process of film viewing, we discuss the different perspectives of the films, evaluate them and select a favourite for the final presentation.

In a subsequent plenary session, the results and findings of the conference will be summarised and presented again in the form of an elevator pitch.                          


Sunday, 29th September, 2019


09.00                  Breakfast and departure