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The German term Heimat is en vogue – politicians, intellectuals, journalists and artists debate, argue, interpret and try to define it. Not easily translated into other languages it implies questions about place, identity and belonging, but eludes a single easy definition.

What moves young people? How can creativity, art and culture contribute to finding answers to contemporary societal issues? And how can young people and adults work together to create Heimat here in Europe and the world?

We want to ask ourselves these questions during the second International Dresden Dialoque. This year, the IDD is going young! We have decided to put the youth’s perspective at the centre of our event. We have teamed up with our newly created Dresden Youth Council 2025 which is accompanying Dresden's bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2025 under the motto “Neue Heimat” (new home).

In this project we discuss the societal issues with several artistic means and methods. We are convinced that art and culture can contribute to creating a sustainable culture of coexistence in the city and in Europe and worldwide.

The IDD 2019 offers an opportunity to bring young and adult people together discussing their ideas about Heimat and a livable common future.

The results of the conference will not only be included in the Dresden’s bid to become European Capital of Culture but also to Dresden’s youth participation strategies.

Invited are young people from Dresden and European cities at the age between 16 and 22 years but also youth participation actors and representatives of municipalities. Conference language is English.          

# Organizers:
The International Dresden Dialogue is organized by the Mayor's Office, Department of European and International Affairs of the City of Dresden in cooperation with the Dresden European Capital of Culture 2025 Bid office and the Dresden NH 2025 Youth Council. The conference is the first project of the Dresden NH2025 Youth Council which has been set up in February 2019 at the initiative of the City of Dresden as part of Dresden's bid to become the European Capital of Culture 2025. For this purpose young Dresdners already work together in five artistic workshops in collaboration with local artists and local cultural institutions. They use a diversity of artistic methods such as hip-hop, fashion design, theater, urban art and dance in order to explore the topic New Heimat.

Impressions of the Dresden NH 2025 Youth Council