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Permit for long-term residence status (EC)

The permit for long-term residence status (EC) is an unlimited residence permit. It is granted for an indefinite period and area and entitles the holder to be gainfully employed. The granting of long-term resident status (EC) is in conformity with Article 2 Letter b of the EU Directive 2003/109/EC. A foreign citizen is entitled to be granted a long-term resident status (EC) provided that:

  • he has been staying in the Federal Republic of Germany with a residence permit for five years,
  • his livelihood, including that of the dependants, for whom he must provide maintenance, is ensured by a secure and regular income,
  • he has a sufficient command of the German language,
  • he has a basic knowledge of the legal and social system and the living conditions in the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • there are no grounds to refuse such status for reasons of public safety and order, taking into consideration the severity or the kind of any offence against the public safety and order and the risk emanating from the foreign citizen in the context of the duration of the previous stay and the existence of personal ties in the Federal Republic of Germany, and
  • he has sufficient accommodation for himself and all family members living together in a household.

Restrictions of the entitlements arise, among others, for holders of humanitarian residence permits, as well as for holders of residence permits for the purpose of pursuing training (including studies).