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Archives: Scope of records and their use

The records held in the Dresden City Archives occupy a shelf length of 10 km, those of the intermediate municipal archives 4.5 km, and those of the Medical Archives a further 4.5 km. These records originate from all the various municipal administrative offices.
They are supplemented by collections and bequests from private sources, as well as association, trade and company archives.

Everyone who is able to provide credible evidence of a justified interest is entitled to use the archive materials of the City of Dresden.
An approval for use includes also corresponding advice, inspection of the findings and use of the archive materials in the reading hall.

An application for use of the archives can be downloaded here:

Written enquiries are answered against payment of a processing fee. It is not possible to borrow archive materials for external use. With the exception of school projects, no prior appointment need be made to use the archives.

The statutes of the City of Dresden concerning municipal archives can also be downloaded here

Information on the payable fees is to be found in the corresponding schedule of fees of the City of Dresden:

Queries are answered during the opening times: Tel. 0351-4881515

The scope of archive records embraces, for example:

  • City council documents from 1260 to 1941
  • City administration records from 1260 to 1945
  • City council archives from 1830 to 1935
  • City council records from 1945 to 1990
  • Regional administration, city district and city district council records from 1945 to 1990
  • Village council records of incorporated villages from 1542 to 1999
  • Municipal companies, agencies and institutions
  • Building and property records from approx. 1860 to 1990
  • Guilds from 1523 to 1943, 1968
  • Foundations
  • Societies and associations
  • Cooperatives from 1958 to 1981
  • Estates, partial estates and estate fragments
  • Archival library collections (maps, city plans, manuscripts, image archives, etc.) from the 16th century

The Retrievals and Users Department of the City Archive is responsible for:

  • Processing of written enquiries from citizens and authority search requests
  • Support for archive users
  • Assistance with the reading of old manuscripts
  • Guided visits to the archives and presentations on historical topics
  • Events for school and student groups
  • Elaboration of publications
  • Authentication of facts on the basis of archive records
  • Microfilming, also as a user service
  • Assessment of damage and advice regarding damage prevention and health protection in archives

The Preparations and Development Department of the City Archive is responsible for:

  • Provision of archive materials for historical and private research
  • Elaboration of authority and archive chronicles
  • Advice on document management
  • Acquisition of collections worthy of being archived, including preparation for use