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Right of residence for foreigners

The legal regulations for foreign residents are so complex and detailed that only a rough outline of the varieties of legal residence in the Federal Republic of Germany can be given below.

In order to enter the territory of and take up residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, foreigners generally only require a recognised and valid passport or alternative identification and a residence title. The Department of Foreigners in Dresden grants or extends the residence titles for foreigners who live in the City of Dresden or who enter the Federal Republic of Germany and take up residence in Dresden, or intend to do so. Under the Residence Law (AufenthG) a residence title can be granted in the following forms:

  • Entry visa
  • Residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit
  • Permission of permanent residence-EC.

Please note: In September 2011, the new electronic residence permit (eAT - elektronischer Aufenthaltstitel) replaces residence permits in form of the old stickers, residence cards and permanent residence cards as well as replacement ID cards. The eAT provides the electronic functions for in Germany living foreigners which are also part of the new personal identity cards for German citizens.

Inside the eAT there is a contactless chip with biometric information (photo and after completing the sixth year of life two fingerprints), the auxiliary terms (conditions) and personal data. In addition, the chip contains the electronic proof of identity and the ability to use an electronic signature. Citizens of the European Union and Swiss citzens as well as their family members are only affected by the changes if the current right of residence falls under the German Residence Act and a residence permit in form of a sticker is held.

Citizens of the European Union and Swiss citzens an their family members that benefit from the European freedom of movement are not affected by the changes.

The former residence permits in the passports and passport substitute papers remain valid at maximum until 31st August 2021 before they need to be changed into electronic residents permits.

To apply for a residence permit a prior appointment is needed - please take a note of the information regarding appointments:

For further information concerning the eAT, please see the following information brochures of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees:

Under the EU Freedom of Movement Law (FreizügG/EU), special regulations apply for citizens of the European Union, Swiss nationals and their family members.