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Permanent residence permit

Permanent residence permits are unrestricted entitlements to stay in a country. They were introduced in the residence law which took effect on the 01/01/2005, and replace the residence right and unlimited residence permit. It is unrestricted in terms of time and location and entitles the holder to work. No secondary provisions may be added. In general, the following requirements must be fulfilled for a permanent residence permit to be granted: 
  • Hold a residence permit for 5 years
  • Living expenses guaranteed 
  • Pension funds (at least 60 monthly contributions to compulsory pension scheme) 
  • Sufficient accommodation
  • Sufficient knowledge of the German language and basic knowledge of the legal and social order and the circumstances in Germany. 

Also a special permanent resident permit can be granted for

  • Children as separate, unlimited residence right:

    16 years old:

    18 years old:

  • People granted asylum: 
  • Foreign spouses of a German citizen:
  • Self-employed: 
  • Highly-qualified persons:
  • Graduates of German Universities:
  • Holders of Blue Card EU:
Holders of residence permits for study or education purposes cannot be granted a permanent residence permit.
Unlimited residence permits and entitlement to residence under the foreigner law apply as permanent residence permits in accordance with the transitional regulations in accordance with the purpose of the stay.