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Parent contributions for child care

Parents whose children attend either a child day care facility or a child minder are required to contribute to the operating costs for such care. The amount of the contribution to be paid is determined in accordance with the Schedule of Contributions for Child Day Care Facilities (dated 5.12.1996, last amended on 7.12.2001, published in the official gazette of the City of Dresden No. 3/2002 of 17.1.2002, pages 15-19).

Factors influencing the contribution due are the age of the child, the chosen duration of care, and the number of children from a single family who are attending a day care facility at the same time.
The contribution is automatically reduced for single-parent families.
Families with limited means may also be entitled to contribution reductions or even exemption, subject to submission of a corresponding application and proof of their declared income.

Further information on parent contributions can be obtained from:

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This office also provides the necessary application forms for contribution reductions or exemption, and for calculation of the payable parent contribution (prerequisite for acceptance of a child to attend a day care facility).