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Inviting foreigners

You want to invite someone who requires an entry visa? The visa is granted by the responsible diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy or general consulate). The diplomatic representations regularly require a formal obligation statement to grant a tourist visa. You submit the obligation statement to the Department of Foreigners.

If you want to make a formal obligation, you have to identify yourself with your identity card (Personalausweis) or passport. The details, that you submit for the formal obligation, are due to voluntariness. To approve the inviting person's financial solvency, the immigration office is entitled to require certain documents to prove the reliability.

In principle the following original documents are suitable for a formal obligation and have to be submitted along with a copy:

  • recent rental contract or a recent statement of the land register (incase of proprietary, such as an own house or flat)
  • if you're employed: the last three pay statements/paystubs of a regular income
  • for self-employed persons: recent (latest) tax assessment note
  • profit and loss statement (earnings report) for the last quarter or a recent statement of a tax consultant
  • pension approval certificate, statements about ALG I
  • bank guarantee
  • saving accounts with blocking notice or a pawning in favor of the Landeshauptstadt Dresden
  • cash bonds

You require the following details from your visitor: 

  • Surname, first name (as entered in the passport) 
  • Date and place of birth · Nationality 
  • Passport number 
  • Residential address in the home country

Please contact the employee of the Department of Foreigners responsible according to the initial of your surname. A fee of 29 € is charged for the obligation statement.

General information 

  • You undertake to cover the visitor’s living expenses. That means you must reimburse all state funds spent on living expenses, including providing a place to stay and health care in the event of illness or need for nursing care. 
  • The signature of the host making the obligation must be officially authenticated. Therefore, the host must visit the office personally. You will receive the original copy of the statement of obligation. 
  • The foreign guests must demonstrate to the diplomatic representation that they have taken out a travel insurance policy. This may be taken out abroad or by you as the host in Germany. 
  • Schengen visa for visitors are granted for a maximum of 90 days. The visitors must apply for the visa from the German diplomatic representation before entry for the period they actually intend to remain in Germany. Please remind your guest that the visa generally cannot be renewed when in Germany. 
  • Note: No more than 6 months should be between the submission of the statement of obligation and the issuing of the visa.