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City Hall
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City Administration

The Dresden City Administration is structured into eight departments. Overall responsibility for the City Administration is in the hands of the Mayor. He or she is supported by seven deputies, who are together in charge of the following departments:

  • Department of Finances, Personnel and Legal Affairs
  • Department of Education and Youth
  • Department of Public Order and Security
  • Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Department of Employment, Social Affairs, Health and Housing
  • Department of Urban Development, Construction, Transport and Real Estate
  • Department of Environment and Municipal Utilities

The individual departments, furthermore, control the specialist city offices, municipal enterprises (e.g. city drainage, sports facilities and public baths) and other municipal facilities such as libraries, youth clubs and cultural facilities.

Alongside the central city halls, there are also local administrative offices in the 19 districts into which Dresden is divided. These offices enable citizens to complete many regular administrative procedures directly in their residential districts.

Detailed information on the individual offices of the City Administration, with addresses, opening hours, responsibilities and application forms, is to be found in a topic called »Online City Hall«.

The extent of this information and frequently necessary updates, however, mean that we can presently offer such fully comprehensive information only in German.