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Dresden - a regional capital in the GDR

In 1951, three years after the founding of the GDR, the East German Länder were dissolved and replaced by smaller administrative regions. Dresden became a regional capital.

Social life in the city was determined by the doctrines of socialist ideology. Despite considerable efforts, for example through the establishing of completely new branches of industry (computer technology, among others), only limited success could be recorded in attempts to regain the former standing of Dresden as an industrial centre.

Nine colleges, on the other hand, among them the Technical College, which was accorded the status of a university in 1961, were able to secure the city's scientific profile. Important cultural traditions were maintained and furthered in outstanding achievements in various arts.

The Kreuzchor choir and the Staatskapelle orchestra, the Palucca school of dance and the State Art Collections all enjoyed international renown. The re-opening of the Semper Opera House in 1985 was a particularly significant occasion.