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Dresden sustainability: green tech innovations of the future

Climate change and an increasing resource shortage are forcing humanity to take action. And Dresden is playing a key role here. Because it provides high-tech companies with optimum conditions for equipping green technologies for the worldwide market. For a sustainable future.

Dresden’s economy is growing – and has been by more than 30 percent since 2010. Thousands of new businesses mean a constant drop in unemployment. And green high-tech innovations from Dresden are in particular demand internationally, ensuring ‘green tech made in Dresden’ promotes sustainable development right around the globe.

The business hub that is Dresden provides the ideal base for high-tech companies wanting to push the notion of sustainability. Because the city makes co-operations between business and science easy. With a total of 46 institutes, the Saxon state capital has one of the highest concentrations of researchers in all of Germany.

A ‘university of excellence’ for more sustainability and environmental conservation

The auditorium center of the TU Dresden

Scientists from all manner of fields are also researching future issues such as sustainable mobility and renewable energy at Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden), the only ‘university of excellence’ in eastern Germany. Various research transfer centres, as well as technology and startup centres, are helping Dresden startups and spin-offs to turn their ideas into marketable products.

And it’s not just in microelectronics that ‘Silicon Saxony’ is leading the way; it’s also a top player in important fields of sustainable research, with new materials, nanotechnology, life sciences and biotechnology all offering tremendous innovation potential for green-tech developments.

Sustainable: Synthetic crude oil and fuel made from plastic waste

p>One highly promising idea for using renewable energy is Dresden’s approach of obtaining synthetic crude oil from solar and wind energy. Dresden-based businesses are also setting sustainable trends in photovoltaics. Solar films made from organic materials, which protect scarce resources such as silicon, are one example of this. The Dresden-born concept of a new form of server cooling is also driving the change in energy policy known as the Energiewende, with the temperature of mainframe computers being lowered by water instead of air. The water is then used for heating.

Another Dresden high-tech concept is helping solve the worldwide problem of plastic waste by using it to make fuel, while an alternative eco-friendly recycling technology developed in Saxony’s state capital converts used oil into fuel. Visitors to Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, meanwhile, are given an opportunity to see what the mobility of the future could look like, and the company’s startup incubator programme is additionally promoting startup ideas for sustainable mobility.