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Science & Innovation

Network: Dresden – City of Science

»Dresden - City of Science« is a network of city, science and economy in Dresden. After initiating the cooperation, the City of Dresden founded the network in 2004. Its initial objective was to be awarded the sought-after prize of »City of Science«.

In 2006, the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft eventually awarded Dresden the prize: Thus, it became the »City of Science« in the year of its 800th anniversary.

In this context, Dresden devoted particular attention to goal-oriented approaches to learning, interdisciplinary marketing and press activities as well as the establishment and cultivation of partnerships.

Sustainability of cooperation was of primary concern. Therefore, the network has remained active to this day. It concentrates established events and replenishes them with new formats.

One of the network's projects is the »Long Night of the Sciences« during which colleges, research institutions, scientific enterprises, laboratories, lecture theatres and archives keep their doors open to the public.


Information on the network’s projects