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Dresden is one of Germany's largest university and college cities. There are currently almost 45,000 students; more than ever before.

The eleven higher education institutes provide a spectrum of courses wider than does almost any other German center of learning. From the natural sciences to engineering, music and dance, they cater for every student's wish.

Teaching is practice-oriented and free of charge. An inexpensive living situation, fantastic connections to the system of local public transport and a variety of cultural highlights are also guaranteed.

It is above all the contacts with local enterprises that cooperate closely with the educational institutions which have to be mentioned in this context because this assures a practical education.

Reasons to study in Dresden

  • Inexpensive living situation: There are no college tuitions in Dresden. At the same time, the cost of living is comparatively inexpensive: 35 student dorms provide more than 6,000 dorm rooms which cost between 72 and 245 euros per month. For private residences one only pays an average rent of 7.10 euros/m2 which includes all the additional charges for utilities, etc. (source: Die Zeit, Campus university ranking). There are also numerous other options available which help facilitate everyday student life.
  • Modern building and equipment: Thanks to public investments after German reunification Dresdens universities are equipped with modern lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories.
  • Best supervision: The education meets international standards: bachelor and master degrees, evaluation in accordance with ECTS (European Credit Transfer System), and excellent networks with international universities.
  • Family-friendliness: The TU Dresden offers 2 daycare facilities for 230 children.
  • High quality of life: Dresden has all the prerequisites for successful and, above all, enjoyable college life. The high quality of life was already encouraged by August the Strong in Dresden, and the Dresdeners have continued this tradition ever since. Many green areas in the city center such as, for example, the spacious Elbe River meadows or nearby Saxon Switzerland tempt one to take a walk, relax, or practice sports. In addition to a vivid and multifaceted art and cultural scene, one may also explore a lively pub scene in Dresden.
  • Career prospects: Dresden qualifies as one of the leading business centers in Germany. Globally leading companies such as Globalfoundries, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, VON ARDENNE Anlagentechnik, and Novaled operate in Dresden. What is more a broad range of medium-sized companies offer good career prospects. Institutions for post-graduate education and continued practical education such as, for example, Dresden International University DIU and the graduate schools of Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) permit lifelong learning.

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