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Universities / Institutions of higher education

Dresden offers a very diverse and varied education infrastructure. The departments or faculties of the eleven institutions of higher education offer courses of studies in the fields of physics, engineering, economics, social sciences, philosophy or medicine as well as in arts, music and dance.

All the institutions enjoy an excellent international reputation and guarantee a training of high standard and quality.

  • Ranks among the oldest technical-academic educational establishments in Germany
  • One of eleven German universities that were identified as an "excellence university"
  • Has about 37.000 students
  • Multi-discipline university, also offering humanities and social sciences as well as medicine
  • Only university in East Germany which has been approved of a graduate school the first stage of the "excellence initiative"
  • second largest post-secondary educational institution in Dresden
  • 40 forward-looking diploma, bachelor's, and master's degree programmes in civil engineering/architecture, electrical engineering, information technology/mathematics, product design, mechanical and process engineering, and business administration
  • Small study groups and a practical orientation
  • International cooperations
  • Modern laboratories
  • Private scientific tertiary-level educational institute
  • Currently 1100 students in 23 courses of studies, approx. 11% are foreigners from 28 nations
  • Course of studies: Logistics Management, General Management, Preventive Medicine, European Post-Graduate School in Addiction Research
  • academic arm of the United Nations
  • carries out its own research and educational projects.
  • Dresden is home to what is only the second UNU institution to be established in Germany: the UNU Institute for Integrated Management of Material Fluxes and of Resources (UNU-Flores).
  • UNU-FLORES is to play a major role in developing integrated, susainable management strategies for using the resources of water, soil and waste.
  • Offers more than 600 students an education on the level of an University of Music 
  • Classes are held by experienced and successful teachers, amongst them are a number of recognized and internationally active artists and scientists
  • About 30% of the students come from abroad
  • state-approved institutions of higher education of the Evangelisch-Lutherische Landeskirche Sachsen (Lutheran Church in Saxony)
  • Training as church musician
  • Only independent college for dance in Germany 
  • Programmes are focused on the common axis between creativity, technique and experimentation
  • Principal subjects: contemporary dance, ballet and improvisation, offered in combination with an enriched academic education 
  • One of the oldest academies of the fine arts in Europe
  • Prestigious artist teach at the university
  • Courses of studies for example in Fine Arts, Restoration, Stage and Costume Design or Art Therapy
  • Profile of social work as well as social and welfare work in the Diakonie (the welfare and social service agency of the Evangelical Church in Germany)
  • Full-time social work course and an on-the-job-course in this field as well as a care science on-the-job-course
  • Vivid practical orientation
EBC Hochschule is a private, state-recognized university of applied sciences. EBC Hochschule subscribes to a practice-based approach in business studies and offers programmes with an array of international subjects as well as two foreign language as integral parts of its Bachelor`s programmes. Students complete various internships and spend a semester at one of EBC Hochschule`s international partner institutions during their studies.
Fachhochschule Dresden – Private Fachhochschule Dresden gGmbH is a private, state-recognized university of applied sciences.