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Business Location Dresden

Transport Infrastructure: Roads

Freeways and interstate highways

Situated at the junction of the international E-roads E55 and E40, two European capitals are within easy reach by car.

  • The freeway A13 north of Dresden leads to Berlin; the freeway A17 south of the city leads to Prague.
  • Additionally, the freeway A4 connects Dresden with Görlitz to the east and with Frankfurt/Main to the west.
  • Besides, Dresden is integrated in the German and European road network through five interstate highways (B6, B97, B170 and B173).

Concept of truck monitoring

The network of efficient and truck-friendly marked routes within the city zone guarantees qualitatively high logistic processes and smooth regulation of goods traffic. The concept of truck monitoring and the truck city map assist with orientation around Dresden to optimize accessibility, particularly of business sites, through one of eight freeway exits.

Freeway exits and junctions:

  • A4
    • Dresden-Altstadt
    • Dresden-Neustadt
    • Dresden-Wilder Mann
    • Dresden-Hellerau
    • Dresden-Flughafen
    • Weixdorf (planning stage)
  • A13
    • Dreieck Dresden Nord
  • A17
    • Dreieck Dresden West
    • Dresden-Gorbitz
    • Dresden-Südvorstadt
    • Dresden-Prohlis
    • Heidenau