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Business Location Dresden

Transport Infrastructure: Railway

Dresden via train

Dresden is located at a railway junction of the main network of Deutsche Bahn AG. Trains leave daily for destinations in all bigger cities in Germany and Europe. Moreover, the city is integrated in the international networks IC, ICE and EC.

  • Every day: 52 trains in long-distance traffic, 269 trains in short-distance traffic and 215 suburban trains
  • Further extension of the railway junction Dresden to increase its efficiency (improvement of routes Leipzig-Dresden, Nürnberg-Dresden and Berlin-Dresden-Prague)
  • Suburban train connection to all important towns and communities in the Upper Elbe Valley

Goods traffic via railway

Dresden has an efficient trade station for combined traffic. Four loading tracks and two gantry cranes are in service in a total area of 68,000 square meters. The terminal is situated in the north of the goods traffic center Dresden-Friedrichstadt (GVZ).

A tram is also used in Dresden for the transport of goods via railway. The so-called CarGoTram delivers automobile components to the Volkswagen car manu-factory “Gläserne Manufaktur” using the public tram network of the city center.

Further Information

Further Information about the goods traffic center (GVZ) and CarGoTram