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Airport Dresden International

In comparison to the size of the region, Airport Dresden International is excellently integrated in the global network of air traffic. For example, direct flights leave for LondonMoscow or Barcelona.

Furthermore, flights leave for international turnstiles and for economic centers in Germany, i.e. Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Hamburg or Stuttgart several times a day.

The airport is well connected with the logistics of various traffic carriers and haulage contractors (10,000 tonnes of cargo per year).

Travel information

The airport is nine kilometers outside the Dresden city center. It is conveniently accessible via car using the freeway A4/A13 as well as the interstate highway B97. It takes approximately 17 minutes to get to the city center.

A suburban train station is located in the basement of the airport. A train ride to the Dresden city center takes only 20 minutes.

Airport Dresden International

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Other regional airports

Another international airport, Airport Berlin-Schönefeld, is only an hour and 40 minutes from Dresden. After its conversion into the intercontinental airport Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI) in 2011, long haul flights will take off there in addition to point-to-point flights.

Other destinations can be reached via Airport Leipzig/Halle (about a 1.5-hour distance from Dresden) and Prague (about a two-hour distance from Dresden).

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Airport Berlin-Schönefeld

Airport Leipzig/Halle

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