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Actions, that will be implemented

In connection with the topics of energy and resource efficiency, actions were developed at the beginning of the project, together with the local project partners, which are implemented during the project duration and the benefits of which are measured. 

Measures in the field of energy:

  • Installation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of Vonovia and use of electricity on site.
  • Combination of renewable energies, storage and intelligent regulation
  • Integration of intelligent measurement technology (Smart Meter and Submetering)
  • Integration of renewable energies for tenants (provision of local renewable energy for direct consumption through tenant electricity models)
  • Give tenants transparency and control over their energy consumption (Smart Meter Gateway)
  • The pilot construction of a central building control centre, which in future will record and optimise the energy consumption of all municipal buildings in Dresden (schools, day-care centres, etc.).
  • Integration of renewable energies into Dresden's district heating network

Measures in the field of mobility:

  • Establishment of multimodal mobility points, partly with charging facilities for e-mobiles
  • Provision of loading points for tenants
  • Intelligent measurement technology and further development of access and billing models for loading processes
  • Actions in the field of Intelligent Communications Technology (ICT)
  • Creation of an Urban City Platform to provide access to urban data and project data from MAtchUP
  • Intelligent networking of the city administration

Measures in the field of civic participation

  • Inclusion of social projects with the goal of citizen-oriented communication and integration ("Zukunftsstadt"; "Nachhaltige Johannstadt")