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Dresden: Worth living and loving

After work, would you like to visit the famous Semper Opera House or catch a concert by the picturesque Elbe meadows? Go on a weekend climbing trip to Saxon Switzerland? Or maybe you'd rather unwind with a glass of wine in the Old Town of Meissen?

As if Dresden itself, with its unparalleled cityscape and high-class range of cultural amenities, was not enough, the nearby surroundings also boast a myriad of naturally outstanding sites. There is no need here to try to find a work/life balance—it's already there.

As Dresden is a place where you would want to bring up your children, the city does everything it can so that children and their parents feel secure. No German city offers more day care places per inhabitant.

The academic programme is also impressive: The education system in Saxony has been number 1 in national comparison for years. In 21 academic secondary schools with special performance profiles you can complete your A-levels in twelve school years.


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