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Business Location Dresden

Nanotechnology / New-Generation Materials / Photovoltaics:

Dresden is characterized by a broad spectrum of basic and applied research and development activities. »Innovation through cooperation« is the motto which best describes the singular synthesis of science and business found in this city.

With unique interdisciplinary projects, Technische Universität Dresden as well as numerous research institutions and competence centers make this venue a hub for scientists from all over the world.

Their research results are an important foundation for new products and processes which are brought to fruition and continuously developed in networks and associations until they are ready for the market.

Focus on Nanotechnology

TU Dresden

Number 1 in Nanotechnology in Germany

In the university ranking of the German Nanotechnology Association (DV Nano) TU Dresden occupies the first place together with TU Munich. The objective ranking criteria considered the number and impact of the publications related to nanotechnology and the amount of EU and federal funding received.

Focus on New generation materials

Focus on Technology Transfer