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Business Location Dresden

Nanotechnology / New-Generation Materials / Photovoltaics:

In Dresden, research institutions and commercial enterprises cooperate in numerous networks. They consolidate competencies and initiate joint research projects. They also promote technological transfer and accelerate the development of marketable products.

Materials Research Network

Materials Research Network Dresden (MFD e.V.) is an alliance of more than 20 Dresden research institutes. Its purpose is specialist cooperation; it promotes collaboration on joint projects, during large-scale investment and when implementing results in practice.

The MFD also provides information about notable material research projects and developments in Dresden, strengthens the public perception of the location and works to secure the next generation of scientists and technology experts.

Dresden Fraunhofer Cluster Nanoanalysis

Ten Fraunhofer Institutes and three faculties of the Technische Universität Dresden as well as Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin cluster their competencies and cover the complete range of topics in the field of nanoanalysis. The institutes are flexibly linked and also cope with comprehensive project requirements.

European Society of Thin Films EFDS

Is active nationwide and in neighboring countries in the fields of material development, plant engineering and particularly in the intensification of industrial usage of surface and film technologies. The associated transfer center »Surface and Film Technologies« assures rapid transfer of knowledge to application branches.

Organic Electronic Saxony

More than 39 companies and 17 research institutes with over 950 employees joined in the largest European cluster for organic semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. They are covering the whole value chain starting at universal fundamental research up to high end technological products.

SolarCORE Boiler Plate