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Nanotechnology / New-Generation Materials / Photovoltaics:

What are the hallmarks of educating and training skilled employees in the region? They include the practical hands-on experience, the broad fundamental education, and the regular continued education even of highly qualified specialists.

Institutional research centers are closely connected with Technische Universität Dresden through their joint nomination of departmental heads.

They, as well as other institutional scientists, are intensively engaged in research and teaching at Technische Universität Dresden.

As a result, students receive a very practice-oriented education with various opportunities to benefit from the know-how of not university-related research institutions and to participate in industry-oriented research projects.

Focus on New Materials / Nanotechnology

TU Dresden

Number 1 in Nanotechnology in Germany

In the university ranking of the German Nanotechnology Association (DV Nano) TU Dresden occupies the first place together with TU Munich. The objective ranking criteria considered the number and impact of the publications related to nanotechnology and the amount of EU and federal funding received.

Focus on Photovoltaics