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Business Location Dresden

Key Sector: Nanotechnology / New-Generation Materials / Photovoltaics

With roughly 100 of the country's 1,000 companies, the Dresden region is one of Germany's leading nanotechnology Locations.

Along with roughly 2,000 scientists in the field of materials science, they provide cross-application technology to put companies a step ahead when it comes to microelectronics, the life sciences, engineering, plant construction, automotive construction or aerospace.

Gentle giants

Fuel cells create energy without noise, wear parts or fumes. An industrial cluster working on this forward-looking power technology has become established in Dresden around the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS).

A tough act to follow

High-strength, ultra-stable, corrosion-resistant carbon fibers made by the Dresden company EAST-4D mean aircraft and vehicles can be built lighter and thus save energy.

Well-tuned production system

PIA|nova®, made by VON ARDENNE, is an example of Dresden plant constructors' high level of skill.

Topics and Applications

This key sector is correspondingly diverse not only as regards the subjects and technologies it studies and uses, but also as regards its business models. Thus, Dresden manages to concentrate end-to-end technological workflows for a constantly developing sector, all in one Location.

Dresden's specialty is transferring materials onto components as super-thin layers or systems of layers. With this knowledge, the city advances the forward-looking field of energy and energy Efficiency.


Sabine Lettau-Tischel

City of Dresden
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Similar Issues

Energy Storage

Developing the next generation of batteries, for mass storage or to run electric motors, calls for a firm command of new-generation materials. Dresden can provide an end-to-end technological workflow for the production of high-capacity battery systems. Dresden's key players are involved in future-oriented projects run by the EU and BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research).

Lightweight Engineering

Its combination of local skills in the fields of materials, electronics and analytics have propelled the city into a top position in lightweight engineering. Lightweight components play a crucial role in modern aircraft and vehicle construction, for example. At the European Centre for Emerging Materials and Processes in Dresden, scientists develop innovative technology, among other things for the field of lightweight engineering. The Dresden model of functionally integrative modular lightweight engineering with a multi-material design has set worldwide standards.


Dresden's local photovoltaics industry covers the entire value-added chain both for crystalline silicon and for thin-film and organic photovoltaics. Dresden companies' particular strength lies in specialized plant technology: four global leading photovoltaics plant constructors work in Dresden.