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Business Location Dresden

Key Sector Microelectronics / ICT:

An excellent, application-oriented research infrastructure has developed at the microelectronic venue Dresden. There are various institutes of Fraunhofer Society, Leibniz Association and of the Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden) with special competencies.

It is above all the cooperation of research institutions and companies which creates trendsetting results.

Focus on Microelectronics

Fraunhofer Society in Dresden

Fraunhofer is Europe's largest organization for application-oriented research. Its biggest site is in Dresden, with 10 facilities and institutes.

Leibniz Association in Dresden

The Leibniz Association institutes concentrate on application-oriented basic research and provide a scientific infrastructure. Five such institutions have been established in Dresden.

Helmholtz Association in Dresden

In Dresden, the Helmholtz Association runs the Dresden-Rossendorf Helmholtz Center and a branch of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Focus on Software

Focus on Technology Transfer