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Business Location Dresden

Key Sector Microelectronics / ICT:

Silicon Saxony

Silicon Saxony is Europe’s largest network in the semiconductor, electronics, and microsystems industry. It links partners from business and science with consulting and service firms and decisively shapes the future profile of the business location Dresden. The service spectrum ranges from the support of concrete innovation and cooperation projects to the setup of an information and communication platform and joint marketing activities all the way to specific briefings on technical information.

SENSONET Sensors Network Dresden

Is a network for the development and marketing of complex sensor systems for structural health monitoring. There are numerous enterprises and research institutions in the Dresden region which are active in all aspects of this field ranging from sensors to the required electronics all the way to software development. These individual competencies are combined in the Sensors Network Dresden.

Organic Electronics Saxony

More than 39 companies and 17 research institutes with over 950 employees joined in the largest European cluster for organic semiconductor R&D and manufacturing. They are covering the whole value chain starting at universal fundamental research up to high end technological products.


The Saxon IT- and software companies use this network platform to attract specialists and executive staff.


The Saxon engineering companies use this network platform to attract specialists and executive staff.