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Business Location Dresden

Key Sector Microelectronics / ICT:

Why did AMD 1995 decide to set up its business in Dresden? Mr. Jerry Sanders, the former CEO, provides a simple answer: »It’s all about peo­ ple.« It is about the people who work, research, and teach here.

The future of the industry at the location is also significantly defined by the availability of skilled personnel. In Dresden, there are numerous options available for qualified and approved education in the field of microelectronics.

Dresden University of Technology is the only university in eastern Germany to have been awarded the title 'University of Excellence'; its traditional strengths lie in the natural sciences and engineering. At the same time, education providers specializing in microelectronics, such as 'dresden chip academy,' ensure that companies' demands for specialized staff are met.

And Dresden Microelectronics Academy also invites engineering science students once a year to gain their first experience with the microelectronics location of Dresden in an eventful week. The Dresden Microelectronics Academy is directed especially to an international target group.

IT and Software Job Market

The Saxon IT- and software companies use this platform to attract specialists and executive staff.

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