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Business Location Dresden

Key Sector: Life Sciences / Biotechnology

The driving force behind the key sector of the life sciences / biotechnology, still a young branch, comes from excellent basic research with an interdisciplinary leaning.
Combined with dynamic entrepreneurial activity and a targeted business location policy this has shot Dresden to the top of Germany's biotech scene. Among the city's 100 biotechnology businesses there are three large pharmaceutical companies.

Mirroring Nature

Dresden comes up with unique combination of the life sciences and the city's engineering skills, for example at the B CUBE research center. B CUBE looks into the way living systems function on a molecular level. This knowledge is then transferred to artificial systems and recombined as required.

Ideal Conditions

Ideal conditions for top research: the MPI-CBG, which, among other things, studies cell function based on the example of the axolotl, was voted 'best employer' in a 2009 survey by the magazine 'The Scientist.'

Healing Rays

The Center for Radiation Research in Oncology (OncoRay) is in the process of becoming an internationally leading organization for radiation therapy of the future.


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Life Sciences in Dresden

As a location for the life sciences, Dresden is like the field itself; bursting with life, extremely flexible and far from reaching the end of its potential:

The First Step...

... in the life sciences value-added chain is well established and highly interlinked: research. Renowned scientists work in Dresden, such as Kai Simons (Max Planck Institute for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics), Elly Tanaka (DFG Centre for Regenerative Therapies Dresden), Stefan Diez, Jochen Guck (Biotechnology Center at Dresden University of Technology) or Gianaurelio Cuniberti (Max Bergmann Centre for Biomaterials). There is an excellent atmosphere of mutual exchange between these scientists and their institutes.


... firmly established technology transfer mechanisms ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit is channeled into start-ups with market success. At Dresden's BioPolis, all the key players with their expertise, research equipment and labs are just a short walk away—and, more importantly, they are open to new ideas. BioInnovationsZentrumDresden (Dresden Bio-Innovation Center) provides the ideal infrastructural setting. Plans are currently in the pipeline for a second biotechnology business incubator.

Modern cell biology ...

... genetics and engineering set a great example of working hand in hand both in research and in industrial applications. This interdisciplinary disposition is resulting in a leading role in the fields of systems biology, molecular bioengineering, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and stem cell research.