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Life Sciences / Biotechnology: Networks

More than just the sum of its parts: Dresden is known for its strong networks and the stimulating exchange of ideas they foster. You too can join in!


The key figures in the biotechnology sector are organized in the local network »biodsaxony«; they include not only corporations and scientists, but also state institutions and financial services providers.

A local association office coordinates work in Dresden, organizing joint projects by scientists and companies, as well as finding services and expertise, or reporting on regional skills. The main focus is on molecular bioengineering, pharmaceutical biotechnology, gene analysis, diagnostics and medical technology.

The biosaxony network regularly informs the public about interesting biotechnology topics at the »Biotech Meets Public« series of events, and the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics runs Science Café meetings at the German Hygiene Museum, providing insights into current research work.

Life Science incubator saxony

The Life Science incubator saxony (LSI) supports scientists in extending research findings to come to gain market ready products and services in the fields of biotechnology and medical engineering. The LSI is located at the BioInnovationsZentrumDresden.