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Life Sciences / Biotechnology: Education

Life Sciences, the branch of the future, needs highly qualified specialists.

The excellent educational infrastructure in and around Dresden provides the best possible prerequisites and is one of the most important locational factors.

From secondary level Abitur diplomas focusing on biotechnology to the dual education of highly specialized lab technicians all the way to doctoral programs, a wide range of customized qualification models is available to future employees in Dresden.

Biotechnology in Schools

At the Vocational School Center (BSZ) for Agricultural Sciences »Justus von Liebig,« secondary level students have already been addressing the subject of biotechnology for a long time now – for example, in raising animals and growing plants, the production of disease-resistant plants, or genetic farming.

They can also earn their Abitur diploma with a special focus on biotechnology.

Vocational education

The Vocational School Centers (BSZ) offer specialized vocational education programs for biotechnology and related areas.


The Dresden located institutions of higher education offer undergraduate studies in biology, chemistry and physics as well as interdisciplinary masters programs.

Graduate schools / doctoral programs