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Business Location Dresden

Key Sectors

The driving force behind economic development is the three key sectors of microelectronics / information and communication technology; new-generation materials / nanotechnology / photovoltaics, and the life sciences / biotechnology.

In these high-tech branches, Dresden plays a significant role on the international market, with a high degree of innovation and networking.

The sectors also have a profound effect on public perception of the city as a business location. They involve large companies and renowned research institutes; there are active networks and specialized training facilities. The potential for growth is correspondingly great.

On the next few pages find out more about the Dresden key sectors, the companies and research institutes settled there and educational opportunities and sector specific networks.


Strategy and Marketing

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Companies and research institutes alike also benefit from the targeted development of technopols—science parks—in the city. These pack centers of science and innovation and companies from specific fields of technology into one small area.

As everything is within easy reach, knowledge transfer becomes far easier: connections can be more intensively maintained and a complex research infrastructure can be shared.


  • MiNaPolis is in the north of Dresden and is a center for microelectronics, information and communication technology.
  • MatPolis is spread across the east of the city and carries out research into new-generation materials and applications are developed for nanotechnology.
  • The university hospital is at the heart of BioPolis, in the Johannstadt district, a breeding ground for the life sciences and biotechnology. 
  • Around TU Dresden, one of eleven German Universities of Excellence, research institutes and technology centers are located in the SciencePolis