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Cultural and Creative Industries Dresden

Overview of the eleven sub-markets

The Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) of Dresden are an efficient eco­nomic sector and an important pillar of the Dresden labour market. The CCI of Dresden generated sales of about one billion Euros in 2016, which corresponds to five percent of the Dresden economy as a whole. With around 18,500 people in employment, the CCI covers around 5.6 percent of the total workforce. Some 10,900 of these regular employees pay social insurance. In addition, the indus­try accounts for more than a tenth of all Dresden companies, with just under 2,100. This means that the importance of the CCI in Dresden is higher than in Saxony and Germany. There, the CCI generate only 2.4 percent and 2.6 percent of total sales, respectively. And although just 13 percent of Saxon inhabitants live in Dresden, around 30 percent of CCI turnover in Saxony is generated in the state capital Dresden.

The CCI of Dresden are a central growth engine of the capital’s economy. The CCI in Dresden achieved very high growth rates between 2010 and 2016. The number of people in employment rose by an average of 3.6 percent per annum and sales developed even more dynamically with a rise of 4.6 percent. The increase in the number of regular employees paying social insurance is particularly strong, with an annual growth of 5.3 percent. It is indica­tive for a more dynamic growth within the CCI than the Dresden economy as a whole and reflects the positive growth momentum of this sector. For instance, sales within the CCI increased by a total of 31 percent and the number of people in employment by 24 percent while the Dresden overall economy grew by only 17 percent and eleven percent respectively.

The sub-markets of software indust­ry, press market, advertising market and architecture market are strongest of the CCI in Dresden. In terms of sales, the sub-markets soft­ware, press market, advertising market and architecture market are the sub-markets with the highest sales. They generate almost three quarters (71 percent) of CCI gene­rated sales in Dresden. In addition to the software industry, the central employers include the architecture market and advertising markets. The software sub-market also plays a prominent role. Alone, it generated over 27 percent of total turnover and employs 38 percent of the total workforce and nearly 60 percent of regular employees paying social insurance. The strength and growth dynamics of this sub-market are of major importance for the entire CCI in view of the increasing tendencies towards digiti­sation and the intertwining of mutual valueadded creation between the sub-markets. Approximately half of the eleven Dresden CCI sub-markets are growing and continued to increase in employment between 2010 and 2016. Markets that are developing positively include software, film, performing arts, design and architecture markets.