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Business Location Dresden

Aviation Industry: Small but Special

Dresden has developed a small, yet innovative and internationally recognized aviation industry. The first cornerstone for Dresden's aviation industry was laid, of all people, by a woman: In 1811, Wilhelmine Reichard ascended in a balloon from Dresden.

The companies' core competencies lie in:

  • converting, servicing and repairing aircraft
  • developing, manufacturing and testing aerospace components

As the global air cargo volume rises, freighter conversion is a particularly promising market

More than 3,000 cargo aircraft are required to meet demand. Three quarters of the demand for cargo aircraft can be met by converted passenger planes.

Stowage Space, Not Seats

Once all the newly redundant components are removed the new freighter kits are mounted.

47,500 Flights Without Ever Taking Off

In Dresden, IABG engineers tested the giant A380 in cooperation with IMA GmbH. The entire aircraft structure was fitted into a test rig and its service life performance assessed using hydraulic and pneumatic load testing devices.

Pioneers of German Aviation History

Germany's first commercial jet aircraft was developed in Dresden. Though the four-engined '152' never went into mass production it is proof of the Dresden aircraft builders' high level of expertise.

With direct access to Dresden-Klotzsche airport and a direct connection to interstates and the rail network, infrastructural conditions are ideal for the industry.

Dresden's aviation industry is heavily research-driven. At Dresden University of Technology the Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics unites aerospace-related skills from various branches of study.

The Saxon/Thuringian Aerospace Technology Competence Center (LRT e.V.) provides a network of businesses and research facilities to support the industry in a targeted manner.