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Science & Innovation

A flourishing research landscape with a standard of excellence
Dresden: a city of science

Nowhere else in Germany can so many scientists and research institutions be found in such a small area: there are few other cities in Europe with such intensive research as in Dresden.

Dresden does a greater degree of research than any other city in Germany. It comes top of the ranking among large German cities regarding both the scientific workforce and the number of research institutes.

A comparison of scientific staff employed shows Dresden leading. When it comes to the number of research institutes, Dresden comes in fifth, with 46 in all.

Dresden University of Technology is eastern Germany's only 'University of Excellence.' Over the past few years, science in Dresden has been the subject of increasing acknowledgment and attention through winning well-known awards.

All the major non-university research organizations can be found here, as can universities and other higher education institutes, plus research facilities operated in cooperation with industry.

One of Dresden's USPs as a business location is its well-honed interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and facility management in the field of research. DRESDEN-concept offers an alliance that is unrivalled in Germany between the university and the four major non-university research institutions.