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Application for the Title of European Capital of Culture 2025

Dresden is internationally renowned not only for its great cultural heritage, but also for contemporary music, arts- and film festivals. It is a great location for tourists looking to discover the diversity of European arts and culture. Some of its very proud citizens might argue that it is already a capital of culture. 

The immense challenges of the past two years, the refugee crisis and the rise of anti European sentiments all over Europe has turned Dresden into a focal point of debate for the future of European values. 

In 2016 Dresden has started the process of developing a bid for the European Capital of Culture because here, celebrating arts and culture and shaping the future of a diverse society in Europe need to go hand in hand. 

Each year the European union awards the title "European Capital of Culture" to two European cities. After Essen and the Ruhr Region in 2010 Germany is up again for 2025 – together with the Republic of Slovenia.


European Capital of Culture Dresden 2025

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CO European Capital of Culture

David Klein


Juliane Rönsch

Project Development, International Relations Management


Oksana Katvalyuk


Valentina Marcenaro

Public Relations

Sophia Kontos

Event Management

Lars Röher

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