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Neue Heimat on the road

Dresden is internationally renowned not only for its great cultural heritage, but also for contemporary music, for arts – and for film festivals. It is an interesting location for tourists who want to discover the diversity of European arts and culture. In light of the immense challenges of the past years – including the refugee crisis and the rise of anti-European sentiment all over Europe – Dresden has also been a focal point for the debate about the future of European values.

In 2016, Dresden decided to apply for the title “European Capital of Culture”. The city is convinced that the celebration of arts and culture is deeply connected to the process of shaping the future of a diverse society in Europe.

Each year the European Union awards the title "European Capital of Culture" to two European cities. The last German awardees were Essen and the Ruhr Region in 2010, so Germany is up again for 2025 – together with the Republic of Slovenia.

The city of Dresden is bidding for the title because of

  • the desire to use its historical legacy as a centre of art and culture to develop a new sense of city culture for the present and future;
  • it represents a focal point for the challenges and difficulties currently facing European society as a whole;
  • art, culture and science show decisive potential for development during this process;
  • it is closely working together with many other European cities that face similar challenges.

Dresden, the capital of the State of Saxony, has a chance of receiving the title if its citizens are ready to address these challenges together. The motto of our bid, “Neue Heimat”, is an invitation to the people of Dresden, Europe and the world to help shape a new home for themselves in Dresden. This home will be new in that the people in Dresden, in Germany and Europe face the increasingly complex challenges presented by globalisation. These include, among other things, issues around social justice, migration, digitisation or urbanisation. This home will be new in that people will not shut themselves off behind cultural traditions and political borders, but will look for answers to these questions as a community. That is our invitation. It will not take unanimity to find answers: on the contrary, it will take diversity. This home will be new in that it does not dismiss familiar old concepts of what makes a home, but updates them. Finally, it will be new in that the programme for the cultural capital in Dresden it will have many houses and apartments in which Dresden, Germany and the world will meet.

With this in mind, the bid office Dresden 2025 European Capital of Culture invites international artists to work in Dresden and Saxony. The programme aims to foster critical thinking, creativity, innovative ideas and processes, and pathways to exchange and cooperation between international artists and the wider region of Dresden.

Neue Heimat on the road is a residence project that offers artists at different stages of their career, and from a wide variety of disciplines (writing, painting, multimedia and video art, new technologies, illustrators and other fields), a mobile working place for a maximum of two weeks. We will support residents in their creative explorations, investigations and artistic growth within an environment of communication and exchange.

The artists will be discovering Dresden and its surrounding area, the Saxon Switzerland, the Elbland and Erzgebirge, in a comfortable caravan. The residency covers all costs related to travel and accommodation.


  • The program is organized by the bid office Dresden 2025 European Capital of Culture with the support of Capron GmbH.
  • Six scholarships will be provided in the timeframe of July till September 2019.
  • One Scholarship includes a 7 to 14 days stay in Dresden and its surrounding countryside in a caravan for two persons.
  • The residence program is open to artists of all nationalities.
  • The caravan is provided for unlimited use, including coverage of all costs (mobility, insurance and parking costs.
  • The duration of your stay depends on your artistic concept.
  • You have to hand in a concept that deals with this region in Europe.
  • A jury will decide on the applications.

What we offer

  • The scholarship includes a caravan and all issued related to mobility (petrol, expenses for a camping slot, etc.).
  • The grant will be max. 1.000 EUR for a two-week stay. A shorter duration of your stay is possible. The grant then will be reduced to a daily rate of 71,50 EUR.
  • There is also the possibility to share the scholarship with another artist. In this case the maximum amount of 1000 EUR is increased to 750 EUR per person, in total 1.500 EUR, as daily rate of 53,50 EUR.
  • We cover your travelling costs to Dresden and back (the cheapest travel connection).
  • You will be provided with a list with contact persons, sights, appointments, festivities etc. We will publish your work (article, pictures, multimedia, etc.) digitally and analogue. The City of Dresden therefore receives all rights for unrestricted use over time of your in Dresden produced work.

What we expect

  • You should be interested in the region, its cultural, artistic and creative life, as well as a united Europe.
  • We expect you to make active research.
  • Apply with a concept for our stay.
  • You should be willing to participate in public events of the Bid Office Dresden 2025 and Capron GmbH.
  • The results of your residence should be published in German, English and a third language.
  • You will travel around Dresden and its surrounding areas on your own initiative and plan.
  • The team of the Bid Office will give you any kind of support. The Bid Office Dresden 2025 and Carpron GmbH have the right to use the results of the residency in their own Public Relations.

The legal process is excluded.

Submission Date for your application is 15.06.2019, 11 pm CEST

You can apply online via

For further information please contact Mr. Stephan Hoffmann (

Open Call

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