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The 580th Dresden Striezelmarkt from 27/11/14 to 24/12/14

Banner Welcome to the Dresden Striezelmarkt

Experience tradition anew

The blaze of lights, the scent of mulled wine and Christmas music is spreading through the city: The Dresden Striezelmarkt, Germany’s oldest Christmas market, has opened its doors once again.

Experience the bustling marketplace and traditional Saxon treats of the holiday season in the heart of the baroque city of Dresden.

The 580th Dresden Striezelmarkt will open from vom 27th November to 24th December 2014 at Dresden Altmarkt square. The booths open from 10am to 9pm.

Photo: Torsten Hufsky - www.hufsky-photography.de

Dresden Striezelmarkt
Photo: Torsten Hufsky - www.hufsky-photography.de