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Dresden Striezelmarkt 2013 – Higlights

Pyramid and Christmas Arch Festival

Pyramid Festival (14/12/2013)

With a height of 14 metres, the pyramid from the Erzgebirge overlooks the bustling Dresden Striezelmarkt. Wooden figures and motives of the sixlevel pyramid come to life at the Pyramid Festival on 10th December.

Dieter Uhlmann, the chief executive of the Verband der Erzgebirgischen Kunsthandwerker und Spielzeughersteller, introduces the history of handicraft and toy making in the Erzgebirge.

Foto: Die 14 Meter hohe erzgebirgische Stufenpyramide auf dem Dresdner Striezelmarkt

The Pyramid Festival promises music highlights: the singing contest starts at 1:30 p.m.

Third weekend of Advent

Symbolgrafik Pyramiden- und Schwibbogenfest

Dresden Striezelmarkt
auf dem Altmarkt
01067 Dresden
14/12/ and 15/12/2013

Foto: Der  größte begehbare erzgebirgische Schwibbogen der Welt

Schwibbogen (Christmas Arch) Festival (15/12/2013)

The Sunday (3rd Advent) is dedicated to the world’s largest usable Christmas arch from the Erzgebirge, craftsmen from the whole region are being celebrated. Traditions and customs come to life through stories, carols and dances.

Foto:Die Sieger des Sieger des Sangeswettstreits 2009

Winners of the Singing Contest 2009
Photos (3): LHD/Dittrich